despicable me minion cookies

The minions are awesome. They are even better when you can eat them. Available on Bakery Ave, these sugar cookie minions are freshly made and ready to be eaten by the dozen.

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screaming kevin home alone doll, screaming kevin home alone action figure

That kid just keeps staying home alone, and it’s really an inconvenience to these McCallister family vacations.  Now you can hear him scream with surprise when he see’s the state of his future self’s acting career in 10 years… or gets left alone again.  There seems to be low stock on Amazon, so if you gotta have one, hurry it up.  If you need a mind refresher of his antics, check out the video below.

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jurassic park amber mosquito cane, jurassic park, jurassic park props, jurassic park cane

There may or may not be dinosaur DNA in that mosquito, but regardless it is pretty awesome.  They did a very good job as making it as realistic as possible.  The iconic replica is all handmade, 34 inches long with a reinforced steel bar in the middle to make sure it doesn’t break in half when you lean on it.  Made by Gavin Robinson and available through his Etsy shop where he has some other cool replicas like the Dr. Grant Claw Fossil among others.  If you want it but can’t afford the $270, don’t worry he has mini versions on there to for $65.


breaking bad terrarium, breaking bad memorabilia, breaking bad hand made

It might not have been Walter’s best moment captured in this glass of pure artwork, but it was one of his most memorable.  ‘Rachel’ in her Etsy shop offers up this wonderfully done Breaking Bad terrarium.  Important to note, the ‘ingredients’ come separately from the glass, but don’t worry!  There are instructions to tell you how to place the dirt, stones figurines etc., so they end up just like the photo and not looking like you dumped a bunch of crap into your kitchen glass.

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hobbit feet slippers, funny hobbit slippers, hobbit gear

Gear up your feet with some comfy, hairy and rather large hobbit slippers.  These plush slippers make sure to keep your feet warm this winter.  One size fits all and created by none other than ThinkGeek.

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star trek door bell, star trek door chime, star trek decorations

May true Trekkies enter the space shuttle.. I mean bedroom, bedroom.  If you’re looking to bring a lucky lady back to the apartment that isn’t too familiar with the layout of the USS Enterprise, you might have to take this down for a night.  But, if not, it can make for an entertaining decoration.  Demonstration video below.

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realistic scarface action figure, tony montana, tony montana action figure

I don’t know how Enterbay gets their action figures to this level of detail, but it is quite amazing.  Featured is the ‘respectable’ version of the Tony Montana Scarface action figure which is handmade to order.  Each action figure stands roughly 30 cm in height and comes with multiple accessories including: guns, jewelry, cigars…cocaine… and a few others depending on the model.  Below is the ‘ready for war’ version of Tony Montana plus a video review.

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big lebowski sweater, the sweater from the big lebowski for sale, the dude brown sweater

Straight off the back of The Dude this replica sweater looks straight from The Big Lebowski.  Available on 80’s Tees and in all sizes.

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lannisters game of thrones team shirt, lannisters shirt, lannisters game of thrones football team shirt

These creative shirts bring football to the Game of Thrones factions.  Each faction has their own shirt by this particular designer named “Vanadium” on Society6.  More “teams” include: Starks, Martells, Arryns, Greyjoys, Tullys, Baratheons, Targaryens and Tyrells.  Check out the rest of the designs below.

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dexter board game, dexter toy, dexter toys, dexter themed gift

Bring the true Dexter fan out of you and enjoy it in board game form.  This game could be compared to Clue meets Life and is playable with 2-4 players.  The game requires strategy and like any other board game, a bit of luck!  Not recommended for children, has some pretty gruesome cards and murderous description… it is based on a serial killer after all.  Available on Amazon.

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